Lee Al-Taquan

Producer, Engineer, Writer, Creative Consultant, and Visionary. Whichever creative project Lee Al-Taquan is tackling, he will always try to bring a fresh twist and perspective to it. Innovation is always the motive. His musical sound is a rich gumbo of a large palette of influences, ranging from Jazz to Trap, and everything in between on the spectrum. And when you mix all of those influences together, the product is usually a futuristic sound that is most can relate to. Meet Elizabeth, New Jersey's emerging super producer.      .

Born into a musical family, it wasn't hard to determine Al-Taquan's future passion. No one in the family was a professional musician per se, but a musical family in the sense that music was constantly being played from sun up to sun down. His grandmother handled the Gospel, mom grooved to Slow Jams & House, dad knocked to Golden Age Hip-Hop, and his grandfather would rock out to Oldies Funk &Soul. It wouldn't be long before these would manifest into his own music productions.

After finishing school at the Institute Of Audio Research, he landed an internship at a music house, which eventually led to him producing music for HBO, Universal Killer Tracks, The LeBrons, JP Morgan Chase, Nestea,, and more. More recently work has been featured in the Starz hit series, Power, and on the FOX Sports Network

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